Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let The Blogging Begin!

So February is officially  here. I don’t want to hold this off any longer. First, I would like to thank all of my readers for following. Thank you for your support and love; it is greatly appreciated.  Please share this blog and Recycle Love because Love makes the world go round. Love can not grow unless it’s given away. Without the love and grace of God this world would have been destroyed long ago.
What to expect from Whispers of My Soul
Every month I am going to feature a new topic; view and discuss them from various aspects. In return it is my prayer that when you log off this site you would have been inspired in some kind of way.  By no means do I believe I have all the answers. I would love for you to share your insight. So please log on and join me, follow and share with me on this journey. Sharing is how we build, it’s how we grow.
This month’s main Topic is TIME. I chose this topic because it’s something I truly need to work on. At times I prepare for the next day, the night before; God wakes me up wayyyy ahead of schedule and somehow I still manage to be late or you can see me rippin’ and runnin’ to where I need to go. Now I’m not saying that every single BLOG for the month of February will be on Time Management but for the most part it will be. I do not promise that I will blog everyday but at least 4 times out of the week. SO please come back often or subscribe to the blog to be updated on my latest posts.
PRAYER: Father, you are in charge of my life, my mind, my work and my plans. You are Omniscient! The all Knowing God. I may plan the way I want to live but you help me to be able to live. Help me to organize my efforts, my daily activities and budget my time. So that I will walk in the call of my life. Give me the wisdom to prioritize. Your word is a light unto my feet. You are my guide. Please remove any stumbling blocks in the way that trying to stop me from moving forward in the things you destined for my life. Tune my ears to hear from you that I may be guided to all truth and that insight will be my priority. Help me to live a peaceful, healthy, well balanced life at all time. I cast all my cares, worries and concerns over to you. Amen! 

Illuminate – Invigorate – Inspire

Let’s Recycle Love.

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